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Founded in 2006 in the Silicon Valley, Markonix offers top-notch inside sales, digital marketing and software development resources to help businesses worldwide boost their revenues and profits.


Inside Sales and Sales Support

As sales reps come under increasing pressure to show growth, they are being hampered by lack of supporting resources that perform account research, customer profiling, lead follow-ups, product demos and lead tracking etc. In addition, as the world’s growth engine moves to India and Asia-Pac, it’s very difficult for US based resources to follow up and close leads due to the time difference.

Markonix provides dedicated or semi-dedicated resources that excel in lead generation, lead tracking, lead follow-up, product demos, closing/upselling/cross-selling, customer on-boarding for several B2B companies. Our resources are located in India allowing them easy day-time access to far flung markets from India to Singapore to New Zealand.

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Marketing Support Services

Marketing mangers across the globe are facing a similar challenge. In the day and age of hyper-productivity and lower costs, they don’t have access a marketing support team that can perform repetitive, manually intensive but essential tasks that empower the manager to work on the value added portion of his job.

Markonix provides an elastic team that the manager can train and groom to perform tasks such as internet research and repository building, monitoring and alerts for competitive and relevant news, managing newsletters and email campaigns, cleaning-up / formatting / beautifying documents and presentations, managing maintaining social media channels and intranet pages, and more.

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Digital Marketing and Software Development

Companies world over are looking build omni-channel digital engagements with their customers by delivering highly contextual and relevant online promotion/ads/content across web, search engines and social media. Markonix enables companies to execute their engagement strategies by providing expert, skilled resources for search engine optimization (SEO), Paid search campaigns (PPC), social media marketing, content marketing and video marketing.

In addition, Markonix provides software development services that allow marketing managers to build customer training programs, secure customer portals, registration & support areas, secure downloads and documents areas, CRM/Customer Service integration, mobile and web apps that enable conversions and generate a great customer experience.

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From complex 3D graphics to high end videos with professional voiceover, Markonix has the experience to provide for all your most advanced digital marketing needs. Below is a selection of such work that Markonix has developed for clients in markets for alternate energy, semiconductor IP, microchip test equipment, programmable logic and Web 2.0 eCommerce.

Cypress Instaclock
Skype Video Calling
Tabula Architecture
XMOS Architecture
Indo-Schottle Assembly Line
MoSys Serdes

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    For the past 10+ years, Markonix teams have helped businesses in the semiconductor, EDA, telecom, design services, systems, test and measurement, software, apps, IP and alternative energy markets to make qualitative improvements to their digital customer experience.

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